Friday, September 01, 2006


Loft in translation

Actress/Writer Kate Hewlett's Blog, Loft-in-translation is up and running with photos and commentary on the life, love and laughs of the hot new star of "A Dog's Breakfast".

it's the funniest blog i see (after this and your other of course^^)

if you're time ::

la hewlettisation du monde est en marche (the hewlettisation of the world is started XD)

this is a totally crazy forum about a 'GOD' (you of course). a special and unique forum like people have never see !! about your films, fanarts, délires (i don't know how tell that in englsih sorry) we laugh a lot that means ^^ and everything. there's just a little thread/section in english if maybe an english actor who play in sga for example going a little on this::


so have a good day, our god *sigh* and see new lots of articles so soon !!

dd (numb22z) frome the FFFDH !
Good thing I took a break from the SG-1 marathon. Moebius 1 and 2 are showing now. Gotta love that "gateship". That part always cracks me up.
We love that you and your sister are taking the time to post messages on your blog. The picture that she posted of you together is fantastic. You look so cute and crazy, in a good way of course, very 'McKay-like'.
Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to update.

Keep it real, David.

Kate is extraordinary! she's pretty, witty AND funny (i like the rhyme in '-y'). you have a challenger here sir Hewlett...

thanks for the updates. hope we'll have good news soon for ADB!
I've been poking at your sister's blog. She really seems fabulous. It's good to see someone curious and interested in the world like that. And you, you big dork -- you guys were great in that photo she posted.
Haha, I'm not sure whether to be disturbed or touched by the fact that you're calling your sister hot. Don't get me wrong or anything, she IS hot, it just sounds a little odd coming from a sibling!
Trust me, from years of is more likely that MARS was being quoted there than David. Most likely option: Jane. Jane loves me just the way I am.

I just watched 'Grace Under Pressure', though, and do you know who's actually hot? Amanda Tapping. Wow. Stunning.
"Hot" also means "up and coming on the scene" as well as good looking. Kate happens to be both. It means David is proud of Kate and wants to promote her.

Her blog is funny and she talks about her roommates too, so we get to know what they are working on too. Very cool.
Ahhh nothing like a bit of healthy competition is there? The worrying thing is, she's already addicted and has "put off" - without guilt - writing her new play until TUESDAY so she can exercise her slighty exercise challenged pet and translate reams of different languages.... *oh dear* The price of fame... ;)
That's funny Kate. My son gets all weird when I tell him that he will have friends who only come around to get close to his younger sister because she is pretty and hot and 'whatnot'. He does not think so.

'Grace Under Pressure' was a great episode. I loved Amanda's outfit and hair. She looked fantastic and David's performance was awesome, to say the least. It is always a pleasure to see David and Amanda in an episode together.

You are going to have to kick it up a notch David. Kate has got you beat on the blog front. ;)
I love the Blog (mabe even mire then Davids's *hide* did I really said hat?)

and oh yeah she is HOT, maybe it is a Hewlett thingy... where are the other siblings? This is something I wanne investigate
Yes, I completely agree with you that Amanda is hot. In both ways - talented and very pretty. Shame she's married... *coughs*

I never had a brother, so I've never really known about the whole friends-getting-close-to-sibling-to-hit-on-other-sibling or whatever, but my little sister does keep trying to find me a girlfriend. *blush*
mm hmm, kate's cool, she posts often, you need to post more man! I know you've got work or whatever, but come on!! :D keep being funny on stargate. xnomix
p.s. Nothing kicks arse!
quote we cant be dead we have cable unquote... hehehe you'll have heard that soooo many times.
Too put it simply, you Hewletts are just plain awesome. :D Your talented. Your funny. Your good looking. I could go on, but I think you get the point. ;) And lastly, you take the time to blog and update all of us on your lives.

Very cool :D
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