Wednesday, August 16, 2006


David Hewlett Blog

David Hewlett has posted his first "official" entry on!


(okay, couldn't resist)
I totally agree.
This is excellent news.
oh wait, am i supposed to be jumping for joy?
Strangely enough, i'm not that excited about THE David Hewlett blog; especially as it seems to confirm the "HOrrid=David Hewlett" equation... i was so looking forward to know more about the century-old internet bloke HOrrid...

Anyway, great news to know such a famous and talented actor could care that much for his fans... very comforting... ;-)
DH is going to have stiff competition for readers from Mars: the dog's got a following!
And so the fun Fantastic! :)
Ok. Anyone out here who didn't know that yet?

*crickets & tumbleweeds*
being sure is pretty different from having some hope, isn't it?...

how's the project evolving? is there any chance the film might be released in France?

(Kidding, kidding...)

The movie looks to be hilarious. I'm looking forward to seeing it.
good news, david is great

My god! Hewlett is like the example of bad marketing, I know like a hundred communities (I’m not even counting the individual fan sites) of people that are crazy (and I mean like in an odd, weird, almost in a kind of very creepy way) about him.

Hope these changes soon, because no matter how much I enjoy been a part of a small (but super cool) community, I just can’t stand those all those crazy people going for the copies when the original is just out there.

Here are two list with the hundreds of Hewlett communities I just mentioned:

+ David Hewlett

+ Rodney Mckay

Is livejournal, you can reach all of them with one message

And talking about “bit obsessive Hewlett Sites” (This is kind of mean… but I am really enjoying it!) here is a list of some sites that really make an example of that.

By the way, just in case you don’t know yet, Hewlett is now (like many other Stargate characters) the “object of adoration” of a very particular internet-subculture known as “Slash” just ask around (that is going to be one funny explanation :-)

+ Wraithbait: Atlantis FanFiction - 1671 McKay Stories and over 200,000 visits
(Hey, maybe you should advertise in this kind of places :-)

+ Area 52: The HKH Standard (over 2000 McKay stories)
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