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The pressures of fame? The high stakes of an upcoming movie debut? Or a mutt on the edge?

Any way you look at it, this week saw an embarrassing display of off-set antics by movie mutt Mars, the star of the upcoming film "A Dog's Breakfast". Reality bit the wayward canine in the form of hard time in the "cone of shame". It seems that the vacationing pooch was over zealous with his scratching of an insect bite after spending a wild weekend in Canada’s B.C. interior. "He feels like an idiot" says producer Jane Loughman of her forlorn pet, "And he looks like one too", says Hewlett, the writer/director/star of the film that is making Mars the toast of the canine social scene. Still, this puppy is going to have to clean up his act if he’s going to weather his whippet fast rise from death-row pound rescue, to Hollywood stardom.

Mars’ reps claim that the dog is “simply exhausted” and is now recovering at home with close friends and family.

It's sad the pressures of fame have led to this, hopefully Mars will receive help soon so he doesn't end up at Betty Ford due to "exhaustion".
Next, he'll be the butt of the monologue on Leno or Letterman, I mean
look what happened to Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. It's probably having "stage parents" too blame. L
And so another movie star begins his descent into the darker side of the Hollywood lifestyle. I must admit i was worried when i saw the pics of Mars partying with Lindsey Lohan, but i figured, hey, it's all new to him and dogs will have their fun. Now i suppose we will see him on E! or VH1, wondering where it all went wrong. *sigh*

Please tell Mars that his fans are pulling for him and that he gets over his "insect bite" soon!

And dude! You so need an rss feed for this blog!
Poor Mars. Those insect bites can be troublesome. We have to give our dog Benadryl certain times of the year because of scratching. Thankfully he has not had to wear the "cone of shame" yet.
I hope Mars is feeling better soon.
Oh poor boy! *snigger*

He could have chosen a more fashionable colour. Transparent is so last year.

Hope Mars is soon fit and well for his appearances on the red carpet :o)
*grins* Well they say fame does it to everyone now dont they. Poor Mars I hope that this brings him back to earth and on the road to recovery lined with lots of dog toys and treats if he is lucky :P
When they party in British Columbia, they don't mess around. Poor Mars was just in over his head. I'm glad he has only a few scratches to show for it! When it comes to insects and poutine, Mars, you gotta' know your limits.
Oh No! Cone of Shame!

Must be hard, living up to the expectations of those around you. Fame has it's price it would seem.

What next, cosmetic surgery?
Aw! I'm so sorry Mars is a little under the weather. I hope he feels better soon.

That collar does make him look a little intergalactic. He could be part of that space opera...
Next, on "When Good Dogs Go Bad..."

Those cones are such a pain. And I agree with Tammy Mc. Antihistamines can really help. They'll probably make him drowzy but at least he won't be ripping his head and ear to shreds.
Poor Mars! At least he doesn't look too sad about it! Glad he has a loving family to feed him treats and keep him off the hard-core party circuit!
Hey, can he get Animal Planet on that thing?
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:shakes head:

- The cone of shame
- Fame going to Mars' head...
- Wild antics on set...

What's going on???

Oh dear...

(actually he looks kinda cute and reminds me of my pooch, though he wouldn't ever be shamed by that cone!) :snicker:
Dear Mars,

That cone is kind of hideous, isn't it? But still - things could be worse. My Moms raised me with cats. Seven cats. I was an only dog at the time and now I think I'm a cat. Do you have any idea how hard it is to fit my 90 pound Collie body into an empy Diet Coke carton?

At least you know that soon the cone will come off. I have years of therapy to work through being trans-specied.

MacGyver, Hannah's Collie

PS: Sorry about that, but he's a big fan of Mars and insisted on typing this. H
Shame on Mr. Hewlett for making fun of poor Mars' plight. Methinks I sense a little professional jealousy going on.

I'm sure Mars will learn from his unfortunate ordeal and The Cone will quickly become a fashion hit on runways worldwide.
oh, poor mars! almond oil or coconut oil infused with calendula and comfrey and lavender is very soothing and healing on itchy skin! i hope he feels better soon.
Once I read the phrase "cone of shame" I immediately thought of that song from "Sorority Boys" and I just couldn't resist. Sorry, Mars, feel better buddy.

The mutt named Mars,
He hangs with stars,
How his future shone.

He scratched the itch,
He couldn’t resist,
And now he wears the cone.

The cone of shame,
He’s not to blame,
How could he have known?

The cone of shame,
He looks to fame,
But for now he wears the cone.
I suppose a Cone of Shame is slightly better than a Cone of Silence.

uh... would you believe three nuns and a boyscout?
Aaaaaw poor Mars !
The paparazzi will be having the time of their lives shooting him (on film I mean) looking like an idiot !
Oh no! Poor Mars. Stuck in an ugly cone of shame. Perhaps people can start drawing silly things on it and writing him messages to make him look dorkier. I mean, feel better.
"Suffering from exhaustion"? Uh huh. I've heard that excuse before. Next, we'll be learning that Mars has checked into a "facility" for some much needed rest. That doesn't fool me for a second. *g*
Poor Mars.
I hope he doesn't have to keep that cone on for long and that insects will stop biting him, so he won't have to wear it ever again.
I sure hope that Mars rests up and gets better soon! No pooch should have to wear the "collar of shame" for too long.
It's time for him to make a spa appointment and get pampered and looking hot before his red carpet appearances!
Poor Mars! I hope he recovers from his brush with fame soon, and realises what a lucky dog he is! ;)
Poor little Mars... Hope he'll get better soon. if he can stand wear THE Cone, he's already very brave (my two dogs scratched themselves seriously until we took the cone off; the cure was worse than the problem!).
"Prompt rétablissement, Mars" (Virus, my labrador, shares your grief) ;-)
Dear Mars,

How many times have I told you not to let David dress you? Talk to Jane -- she'll remove the cone of shame.'s supposed to embarrass you into better behaviour, right? Would it fit David?

Auntie Kate
awwwwww. He's so cute he rivals my new pup. But no, this is serious. You cannot let showbiz get to your head. never. that being said i hope you get better real soon and make more fuss for david. hehehe just kidding, i'm sure you dont bother him. :D
can't wait for the film.
Aww, he looks so pathetic! We had to put my dog in one of these after she had surgery. (We called her the Conehead.) At night, we'd hear random bumps and bangs, and finally realized it was her trying to get under the bed.

We never had the heart to scold her, because she would give us the most pleading puppy-dog-eyed looks. (Kinda like some photos I've seen of David...) :-)
My brother's dog had one of those when he tore up his side. He kept running into things so it got all banged up and warped. Believe me, Mars looks dignified compared to that.
Dogs just wanna have fun!

And nothing relieves the pressure like a good scratch.

So Mars, my dog, Go for it!!

Life is just too damn short for regrets.
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