Sunday, July 23, 2006


Comicon 2006 Sneak Peeks!

Over 4000 Stargate SG1/Stargate Atlantis fans were treated to a surprise screening of a scene from David Hewlett's upcoming feature film "A Dog's Breakfast". The film stars Kate Hewlett, Paul McGillion, Christopher Judge, Rachel Luttrell, Amanda Bryram, Michael Lenic and David Hewlett.

Here, for those who missed it, is the first released scene from Hewlett's soon to be released comedy/horror writing & directing debut:

Any idea when the premier in Vancouver will be?
OMG that was hilarious! Paul McGillion needs to wear more skin tight shirts.

The "spaceship" looked verrry familiar, too...
There's no premiere scheduled as of yet...But the bigger and better the internet response the bigger and better the release will be. Please help spread the word!
fantastic clip!!!!!

Can't wait to see this film!!!
I can´t wait to see this movie! funny story :)
How many (and which) festivals has the film been entered in? Should we expect a TIFF premiere?
Hoping "A Dog's Breakfast" comes to New York! Perhaps for Tribeca 2007? There are a good number of festivals that might get ADB distribution.

Fantastic clip, and I'm looking forward to it!
But the bigger and better the internet response the bigger and better the release will be. Please help spread the word!

Doin' my bit! ;o)

The film looks great and I cant wait to see it!!
The clip is hilarious - though I ended up wanting to watch more episodes of Starcrossed, which worries me for some reason.

The film is generating a lot of interest on among the fans I know - icons and multiple posts are already breaking out all over Live Journal *G*
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This looks fantastic!!

I second Paul McGillion wearing more tight shirts. Or none. ;)

Please let us know when a premiere is in the works. I've been saving vacation time for just the occasion.
Great clip!
Just hope the film will be released soon and hopefully, in France & Scotland...
The first pictures of it were exciting but the clip is making the release a complete obsession!!
Thanks for the blog, by the way... Really cool to be able to have fresh news about it!
Please tell me that this will come out in the UK sometime soon, as I really want to see it. The synopsis and picture whetted the appetite, but the clip just has me obsessing over it now!!
Hats off to all involved in all aspects of making this film as it looks totally fabulous :D
The clip is just great! I want to see more!(and I'm sure I'm not the only one...)
I really hope we will get to see the movie in France... Can't wait to see the whole film!

By the way, thanks for posting updates about the film. I'll do my best to try and promote it! :)
i found a link to here eeeeeeeee!!!! and i like that clip so much! i hope the movie will be out SOON!!

max is awfly pretty and i like the granny square afghan on the sofa. and kate hewlett when they are doing the "kareoke!" part reminds me SO MUCH of anya from buffy!!! ahahahhahaa!!!!

thank you for posting about a dog's breakfast and showing the clip!

Kudos for giving KATE Hewlett first billing in this entry! You're a good brother.
Well, I'll certainly put out the word to my friends. I live only a couple of hours away and would love to come up for the premier when it happens. *waves madly from the crowd*
Hey David.

Loved the clip!!! The Atlantic Film Festival 2007 would be a great place to show it. I would love to see it even if I have to wait until next fall. : )
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