Friday, July 28, 2006


"Breakfast" for 20,000 viewers cooks up tasty buzz for indie film!

The sneak peak scene from "A Dog's Breakfast" has received a staggering 20,000 viewings since it was posted on earlier this week.

As a result of this ongoing "feast", numerous distributors from around the world have begun contacting producer Jane Loughman about putting "Breakfast" on their menus. "We're not making any decisions just yet, but David, John Lenic & I are excited to look at every option available to us before we decide how to proceed." says Loughman, "We are eager to pursue a theatrical release as we want to make sure that everyone -- especially all those loyal Stargate and Atlantis fans -- get to see the film in its finest form -- and in an environment that will allow them to meet the filmmaker, the cast, and maybe even Mars!".

In the mean-time, Kibble Productions are working on plans to make more clips and a trailer available online, plus maybe even a director's video blog (if we can get David to sit still for a minute)!

I'm so delighted... can't find a word that could describe my state of mind at this very moment!
It's just fantastic!! Hope things will speed up!
Fans are loyal indeed! And the present news is just what they need!
Thanks so much!!
That's so great, congratulations!

Hope this leads to some good "connections" for the film.

UK?! (hint hint)

Fanastic news!!!!


You guys deserve's obvious you've put a ton of work into the film!!

Hope we get to see it across the pond in the UK soon!!!
Another vote for a UK release! Pleeeeeease don't make us wait!

This is incredibly exciting!! Personally, I believe this movie will be fabulous and I've told many people about it already. We're all eagerly awaiting news of the premiere, or any other tidbits we can get before then! ;-)


Great! Well Internet word of mouth worked for Joss Whedon. 'shiny'

Since three people, are wondering out loud about a UK release. You know a lot of people in Australia are interested in this film. "oh yes" Yes I know I am dreaming. :(

Congratulations! Great news.

If it means more publicity for Mars, it's all for the best.

Congratulations to everyone at Kibble Productions!
ui, great news!
I'm not surprised that so many people watch it it's actually all over the place (like the link to this Blog)

UK? Maybe I make a come over if it's shown there *bg*
But I want to put a vote for Germany in here *very small hint*

I just hope I can get my hands on the DVD then^^ (please RC2!)
So, the Seattle International Film Festival is pretty much right next door...
More clips! More clips! *kermitflail*
Oh that's wonderful!! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing more of ADB.
YES!!!!! :o)

Another vote for the UK.....preferably Scotland...sort of Edinburgh area. LOL

I'm sure Paul would love to come and promote the movie in his 'homeland'
Why not show it (or trailer/previews) on Cons? And I mean all over the world.

That were a great opportunity to promote the film, don't ya think?
Sit! Stay!
Write a video blog!

Have you considered putting information on livejournal as well as blogspot? SGA has a rather large and loyal following in LJ; although, to be honest, most journals that have anything to do with SGA and/or DH have posted the link here already.

The word is spreading.

Also, cowboy hat?...very nice.
In LJ is also a whole comm dedicated to ADB -> Link
Just adding my congratulations to the post! I can't wait to watch and fangirl the movie!

The teaser is great, I'm excited to see what other promos y'all come up with.
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Let's hope the movie will keep having so much success... although there is NO doubt about that!

... And what about a French release??? That would be great too! :)
Congrats!! That really is fab news and I know I can't wait to see more from the movie.
Screenings sound very cool another vote for a UK release here!
This is excellent news! CONGRATULATIONS!

another plea from a UK fan here ;)

although towards the end of march next year in vancouver would be ace too ;) lots of sg fans from around the world are out and about in vancouver then ;)

seriously tho, excellent news, i wish you all the best!!


It's so cool when good things happen to good people. I'm planning on seeing this film, wherever I have to go to see it!
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Wow, congratulations !

There are loads of Stargate fans in The Netherlands too (ok well, ONE at least).
Hope we get a chance to see it here as well, but just in case I'd better start saving up for a plane ticket (or the DVD).

Looking forward to seeing more clips and a directer's blog would be great !
In the mean-time, Kibble Productions are working on plans to make more clips and a trailer available online, plus maybe even a director's video blog (if we can get David to sit still for a minute)!

A director's video blog would be hugely popular, I don't even need to be psychic to know that.

Also, there is a huge population of SGA and DH fans located on Live Journal. (LJ is basically fan central now, replacing mailing lists to a large extent.) So, you might want to consider at least coordinating information releases with the ADB community over there, since a lot of people will only check in with LJ.
Putting info up on livejournal would be fantastic! I second the idea :D
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actually it's third^^ *point to crownglass39*

Oh and if that wasn't clear: fourth vote for LJ from me ;)

And what I forgot to say: director's Blog would be great! and David don't have to sit still necessaryly...
Great news and thanks for sharing with us. I would love to see this film - I live in Australia and yes, we do have cinemas that show independent films and also festivals to promote.

Naturally it would be a bonus if either David or Jane could take time out to promote it here - I'm sure fans would be ecstatic too.

I don't know if they will get the time to visit - but please consider Aust as a distribution media or some way so that us Aussies can get to see it!

Thank you.

LOL Alex
I know the ladies at The #1 David Hewlett fansite are excited about this. I hope that there is a release because I would promote it like CRAZY here in NC state.
Big hugs and congrats!
OMG! This is just so utterly fantastic. Congratulations to you all *hugs everyone madly*
I hope that you do manage to release the film worldwide (especially in England, acme-anvil sized hint) or at least a world-wide dvd of it. And the theatrical performance, when and where is all I can say! I now know what I'm gonna save up for and ask for money for all future birthdays and christamses until it's out :D
Again, huge congrats to you all, especially David for coming up wit the idea originally. I've started to spread the word about this film, but there's always more I can tell :)
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A new interview of David is available here: A large part of it is dedicated to "ADB"... Thought you'd like to read it.

i left the adresses of the blog and the video in some French SGA forums. Told the people there to spread the news... Hope it'll be useful!

Maybe a French release (I can hope...) ;-)
David, I just read your interview over on GateRoom. I love your brain!

Your fanboy fabulousness makes me weak in the knees. I'd ask you to marry me but Jane would probably get a bit upset about that, and really, the marriage thing? Not so much.

Maybe your brain could just have my babies or something...
thanks! I go and spread the word^^

great interview btw. so funny *hihi*
It's exciting to see this, and I think the clip on YouTube is fantastic. The delight of the people involved here is evident, and thanks for sharing that. I was intrigued by DH's comments in the Gateroom interview re. possible fan screenings. As we get closer to time for release and distribution, I'll be looking forward to more infomation on that in this space!
Apropos Fan-screening. You know a screening like for they did for Serenity in Hamburg were great. Where Joss Whedon Nathen Fillion and Summer Glau came on stage afterwards and answered some questions.
I couldn't be there (besides I haven't known firfly then. Shame on German TV not showing this great series) but I would definetly come to a ADB screening anywhere in Germany (and Europe as long I can ca up with the money^^).

long story short: vote for Fan-Screening (even if I can't see it, at least some of "us" can), you'd make people happy with that, so use your power to do so! ;)
Congratulations, it's now over 25,000 views! Looking forward to more snippets.

And there will be lots of extras on the DVD, right?

Great interview at I love all those behind the scenes observations. And, how thoughtful to think of the Stargate fans. Fan viewings would be wonderful.

BTW, I loved how Mars jumped off the couch and ran when he heard the dread word "Karaoke!"
This is great news :)

As far as I can tell I'm the first Dutchie here,so here is me hoping for a Dutch release.

The idea of showings at conventions is a great one. We've got a great convention here called Utopia (several SG actors have been there and they all loved it)

And of course the vancouver con would be good too.

Both would be better,but that's justs me being greedy :)
I'll leave Australia if there isn't an Australian release!

*starts packing bags*
I see the sneak-peak clip for "Dog's Breakfast" is now labelled 'Clip #1', which means a new clip must be being posted soon. Yay!

Crossing my fingers in the hope that ADB opens at the Toronto Film Festival (if I'm going to have to deal with Toronto traffic being messed up, it might as well be for THIS film).
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Really chuffed to hear that the film is receiving such positive buzz! The internet is a great tool for spreading the word around as well, so I'm really glad to see you using it as well.

The clip that was shown at ComicCon was a great litle teaser and I can't wait to see the film in its entirety!
this is exciting news! over here, in england, we'll always want this stuff. makes us happy, murder and all that. i made a bit of a myspace since everybody seems to have one nowadays...check it out:

: ) yeah...bye. x
Have you seen the manips over on livejournal in the Dog's Breakfast comm? Very clever.
Awww, thanks Erynn. You're sweet! Glad you liked the photos!

** waves to Erynn **

-- Jan
Hi Jan

Their amazingness must be seen to be appreciated :D
** blushes ** Amazingness? Holy non-hydrogenated canola oil, Erynn, that's high praise.

If I can't be an amazing (erm, employed) paleographer, I might as well be an amazing photoshop guru.
Wow... never thought I'd be doing this but someone has to represent the Canadian fans.

Congratulations on your new movie, it looks really good and I can't wait to see more. But I must warn you that you should release it in Canada or else I shall have to resort to more illegal ways of seeing it.

Congratualtions again!
*Jedi mind trick* Australia...Australia... =D
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It takes a lot for a really short trailer to hit me hard enough to convince me that I want to ... no, *NEED* to see the movie it's hyping. But you managed to go from zero to snark in 1 minute, 13 seconds.

Way To GO! This has moved right into the 'need to watch' category.

BTW: More trailers, features, behind the scenes, ah... anything else you can think of wouldn't go unappreciated.
You know... Denver would be a great place to have a screening.

It's huge. They've got some great places to host a screening. Plus I only live 45 minutes away ;-)

Ah, and I even know of a group of people (a bunch of Geeks actually) that would be great at getting the word out. George Lucas has us do things for him all the time. (And the cops are never able to find the bodies!)

Either way, I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie!

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